Online baccarat is simple to play and offers a low house edge. Learn all about it and get our pro tips in this complete guide.

Baccarat is a very popular table game available at just about any online casino in the Philippines. But unlike other options, this casino game offers a relatively low house edge. Hence, many gamblers seeking profit but also a simpler play game opt for baccarat. This go-to choice requires less skill than casino classics like poker, for instance. Moreover, it doesn’t take long to learn how to play. So, even if this is your first time picking an interest in it, you should be able to quickly grasp the rules. This guide has all the details you need to know before you start gaming, so stay till the end.

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The Origins of Baccarat

Although many believe that baccarat originates in France, according to historians it can be traced back to Rome, Italy. Basically, the game did really become popular in France towards the end of the 15th century. But that was because of returning soldiers who brought the game with them after a conflict with Italy. 

Back in Italy, it was Felix Falguiere who created the game. Because in baccarat all tens and face cards are worth zero, the original name was Baccara, meaning zero. Legend had it that the inspiration behind Baccarat was a folktale of a virgin who had to throw a die with six sides. Of course, there are many different versions of that story, some even say it was a pregnant woman.

But in any case, in the story, she gets promoted to priestess for every nine or eight she throws. However, if she throws a six or seven she would stay alive but lose her priestly role. And if she throws a number lower than six she would be sentenced to death by drowning in the sea.

Online Baccarat

How to Play Baccarat Online

Whether you play baccarat online or not, the rules are very much the same. Basically, baccarat is a card game and can involve up to six or even more standard 52-card decks. Face cards and 10s are worth zero, hence the name of the game. Once all bets are in place, the dealer hands out two cards facing up, one each for the player and banker. 

Whoever has a total card value that is closest to nine is a winner. So, if you bet on the player’s hand and it wins, the winnings double. But if you bet on the banker’s hand and it wins, you only get 95% of your wager.

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Baccarat Glossary

In order to play online baccarat like a pro, you’ll need to know some basic terms:

  • Action – Action is the money players wager during the game either in favor of the player’s or banker’s hand.
  • Banco – Banco, from Spanish, means banker. In baccarat, banco is the player dealing the card or the person in charge of the shoe. 
  • Bankroll – The money in your casino account at your disposal for gaming is your bankroll.
  • Burn – At the start of the game, up to six cards are discarded from the deck of freshly shuffled cards. Those are burn cards. 
  • Caller/Callman – The caller is responsible for calling points, dealing with additional cards, or turning cards. The game facilitator can be either a real person or software if you play online.
  • Carte – In baccarat, a carte is a way of asking for more cards from the dealer. 
  • Down card – Down cards are simply cards that face down on the table.
  • Face card – Face cards are all Jacks, Queens, and so on.
  • Vigorish – Vigorish is essentially the amount of money a casino takes away from a player’s winnings. 
  • Up card – Up cards are the cards on the table that are facing up.

Pro Tips and Strategies

Of course, being successful at baccarat involves a bit of luck. But with a skill-based game like this, there are a few ways to play smarter:

  • Bet on the banker – there is a higher chance of winning with a house edge as low as 1.06%;
  • Don’t bet on long games – it’s easier to manage your losses when you play quick games; 
  • Instead of betting on long games use the 1-3-2-4 betting strategy;
  • Try the Fibonacci system which follows a sequence;
  • Double bets when you lose or bet flat otherwise with the Martingale betting system;
  • If you’ve lost a lot, make up for it through smaller wins using the Labouchere approach;
  • The Paroli system allows you to combine flat and progressive betting and play flexibly.
How to Play Baccarat

Popular Online Baccarat Variations

There are quite a few baccarat variants that you can choose from online. Popular amongst gamblers in the Philippines are: 

Punto Banco (North American Baccarat)

Punto Banco is the most simplified version of baccarat, with eight decks in the shoe, and is very popular in Asia. Moreover, the rules are standard and therefore similar almost everywhere. Of course, players can bet on a tie, the player, or the banker.

Baccarat Banque (a Deux Tableaux)

Baccarat Banque is very similar to Chemin De Fer. An alternative name for it is Deux Tableaux which comes from French and means two tables. Basically, the banker plays against two hands and each hand can represent multiple players. But before the start, the role of banker is usually designated to a player. 

Baccarat Chemin De Fer (Chemmy)

Chemin De Fer, or Chemmy, is a popular version of baccarat, available at most online casinos in Asia and the Philippines. The main distinction is that you play against other players and not the dealer. Moreover, the rules allow you to stand or draw on five, unlike Punto Banco where you must draw.

Online Baccarat On-the-Go

Fortunately, most real money casinos nowadays are super mobile-friendly. In other words, most platforms support mobile play so you can gamble from wherever you want. Of course, online baccarat is no exception and most operators will have a mobile version available. Usually, you can just access the casino sites directly via standard browsers. But the best casinos out there even offer mobile apps for Android and iOS users.

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Playing Baccarat Online

Choosing the right place to play casino games is not a very easy task. Although the amount of choice can be overwhelming, there is a way to sift through your online casino options:

License and Security

The first order of business when considering an online casino is to make sure the operator has a proper license. Simply put, a license guarantees that you are playing in a safe environment. Moreover, when the online casino has good security measures in place, you can play knowing your personal information is safe. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Besides safety and security, the benefits of choosing a certain platform also matter. Choose the casino that offers the best bonuses and promotions. This way, you can boost your bankroll and play longer and with less risk.

Payment Options

Any online casino you eventually settle for should come with a payment option selection that includes several safe, fast, and convenient methods. Moreover, the option you are personally looking for should also be available.

Reputable Software Developers

Besides safety and extra free cash, every player wants to play the best possible games. If your casino partners with reputable, industry-leading software developers you can rely on just that. An established brand will always work hard to offer the best graphics and fun features.

Free to Play Vs. Real Money Baccarat

While the rules for free and real money baccarat are the same, the difference is whether you keep the winnings. While free play is great to practice or try out a new game/casino, you don’t get to keep your profits. So, if you’re playing for cash you should consider real money play. Besides, the thrill of the risk alone is worth it.


Baccarat is one of the most popular table games at top online casinos in the Philippines and worldwide. Gamblers love it because it offers a low house edge and huge potential profits. Moreover, the rules are simple, and not to mention, you can play on your mobile device from anywhere. But before you start, check out our reviews and find the best casino for you. 


You don’t have to but when you bet on the banker in baccarat, you have a better chance at winning than otherwise.

There are several variations of baccarat out there but the three most popular are Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, and Baccarat Banque.

Playing Baccarat has a lot to do with luck, however, you can still add a bit of skill to increase your odds of winning. Understanding the rules can help you know when to bet, and the types of bet to make.

When you're playing baccarat you should try to avoid tie bets. While tie bets are often very attractive, it's very risky because it's rare for players and bankers to have the same hand.

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