High Rollers and VIP

High rollers who spend big at online casinos in the Philippines can enjoy the perks of VIP programs. Learn all about it in this full guide.

Being high rollers at an online casino in the Philippines guarantees you VIP treatment. Of course, the red carpet is always out for players who are willing to wager more. From extra bonuses to more relaxed transaction limits, the perks are certainly worth it. Some online casinos have point-based programs that have a requirement for reaching each VIP level. 

However, other operators may instead notify you when they believe you have achieved a VIP status. Moreover, an operator may offer VIP status on the proof that you were a VIP somewhere else. But if you are a big casino spender, this guide on how to become VIP has everything you need to know.

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Casino VIP & High Rollers Programs

For many punters, the casino VIP program is something they’ve heard about but never tried. Here is what you need to know about joining a VIP program as high roller at an online casino in the Philippines:

What’s a Casino VIP Program?

If you’re a higher roller, regularly making deposits of over $10,000, you can join a casino VIP program. Real money casinos will reward you with customized treats that suit your status. Basically, these programs are more like loyalty schemes. So just like other loyalty programs, VIP status comes on different levels. 

Is the High Rollers Scheme Worth It?

Whether a high roller’s scheme is worth it depends on your willingness to wager large sums of money. Simply put, you should view the red carpet treatment as a reward for your existing loyalty. But on the flip side, viewing it as having to overcommit to earn those rewards is a bad idea. So, you earn points and therefore VIP status but if the requirements are beyond your budget – it’s not worth it.

How to Join the VIP Program?

Basically, to achieve VIP status at a real money casino, you must deposit and wager large sums of money. Players who spend more are, in casino terms, high rollers and receive special treatment. But of course, each operator has their own definition of who qualifies to become a high roller. However, it’s usually a point-based system. Besides large wagers, you also need to wager regularly to rack up the points. Usually, the bar is a 4 or 5 figure sum.

Casino High Rollers and VIP

Why Become High Rollers?

Here are the benefits of becoming high rollers and therefore VIP members at an online casino:

Special Bonuses

One of the biggest advantages of high rollers and VIP players is the selection of additional casino bonuses they get. Because they wager a lot more, it’s only fair that casinos offer extra or better rewards. High stake players often get access to special cashback bonuses, bonus points, free spins, and free cash to play with.

VIP Programs

Most casino operators have VIP programs for their high stake players. These programs are mostly tier-based, meaning you have to earn points to access additional chips, bonuses, and other benefits. Moreover, you’ll also get the chance to test your skills and claim exclusive rewards as high rollers.

Exclusive Access to Games

You’ll find many attractive perks at an online casino VIP lounge, one of which is access to the latest games. So, if you become high rollers, you’ll gain access to the new casino games before they become available to regulars.

Faster Withdrawals

Nobody wants to wait long before getting their withdrawals processed, especially when dealing with large sums of money. But when you’re a high roller, you’ll hardly experience payout delays. Moreover, VIP members get more relaxed transaction limits, so you can handle big cashouts faster.

Customer Support

Online casinos in the Philippines treat high rollers like royalty. They have dedicated support agents that ensure these players have the best gambling experience. So, whatever inquiries you may have, you can rely on getting help quickly.

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Bonus Offers for High Rollers and VIP

Online casinos are eager to recruit as many high-rollers as possible. Hence they have special bonus offers that cater uniquely to the needs of these high stake players. In essence, they work the same as regular offers but they entice players to deposit big sums. This way, high rollers can reap huge rewards every time. Of course, high roller bonuses come in different forms, including free spins, match bonuses, free time bonuses, and so on. However, high-roller bonuses almost always require a deposit before claiming.

Casino Games with High Wagering Limits

Here are the most popular casino games with high wagering requirements, perfect for high rollers:

  • Slots – Slots are one of the most popular high-limit casino games. Virtually all online casinos offer slots, and you can wager as much as $15,000+. Hence online slots are ideal for risk lovers.
  • Roulette – Most online casinos offer American, French, and European roulette if not even more variants. You can choose any type you prefer to try out your skills, strategies, and luck. 
  • Baccarat – Baccarat fans will be pleased with high-stake baccarat options. Generally, the rules are the same, but bet limits are higher. 
  • Blackjack – You can also easily find high-limit blackjack at your preferred high-roller casino. All blackjack variations, including Atlantic, Spanish, Perfect Pairs, and others, are available for high roller wagering.


High rollers who can spend a lot get to enjoy VIP treatment at online casinos in the Philippines. The perks you get, the bonus offers you receive, and the customer support are simply on another level. In addition, the thrill of being one of the most treasured members at the online casino is exciting. So if you have the budget to gamble big, joining a high rollers scheme is definitely worth it. If you’re looking for a casino with a VIP scheme already, check out our reviews and find your best match.


To join a casino VIP program, you must deposit and bet large amounts of money. After recognizing your loyalty, the casino operator will invite you to join the VIP program.

High limit slots have a high return to play (RTP) percentage, meaning you’ll be paid out more regularly. Also, play at a single casino operator so you can get the benefits of being a VIP.

Usually, yes, but you should check with your operator as each casino has different conditions.

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