House Edge in Casino Games

This comprehensive description of the house edge covers everything you need to know. We’ve explained how it works, calculating the edge, and much more.

If you are new to online casino gaming, you probably have come across the term ‘house edge’ and are wondering what it could mean.

This article is dedicated to helping you understand the house edge of casino games in the Philippines. We have provided a detailed definition, how it works in various casino games, the method to calculate, and more helpful information.

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The House Edge – What is it?

Before going any further, we must understand the meaning of house edge casino games. To put it in simple words, it is the profit the casino or house keeps from your real money bets. The house advantage is presented in the form of a percentage, and it varies from one casino game to another.

A casino game with a low edge offers bigger payouts than a game with a high house advantage. The best casino games have an edge between 0.5% and 2%. However, you may find some games with a high edge of up to 40%. The main reason casino games have an advantage is to cover the cost of maintenance. Also, this is the way casinos make profiting from the gambling business.

House Edge vs. RTP in Casino Games

Every online casino game has a house advantage and the return to player percentage or RTP. As aforesaid, the RTP represents the casino profits, while the RTP is the payout a player expects to get in the long run. Basically, the house edge is the exact opposite of the RTP. Casino games with big RTPs tend to attract more customers than those with low percentages.

House edge

How to Calculate Casino Game House Edge

Anyone can calculate the casino advantage in games despite the experience level. Though the process may appear complex initially, it gets much easier when you understand the concept. Nevertheless, you must know that the percentage varies from one casino game to another, but the formula remains the same.

Follow this simple method to determine the house edge of any casino game:

House Edge = (Odds Against Success – House Odds) x Probability of Success.

To change this into a percentage, the formula changes to:

Casino Edge x 100 = House Percentage

Let’s use an example to help you to understand how the method works:

If you are playing the Starburst slot which has an edge of 3.99%. To get the long-term profit of the casino when you play with an average wager of ₱100, you start by converting the house edge into decimal. Then, the decimal is multiplied by ₱100 to get an advantage of ₱3.99.

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Understanding the House Advantage in Different Casino Games

As you play different casino games, you will learn that they have varying edge percentages. Many games provide information about the house edge and RTP to help players determine their potential payouts. In this section, we’ve listed popular casino games and the house advantage range:

Baccarat – 1.06% on the banker and 1.24% on the player.

Blackjack – 0.28%

Caribbean Stud Poker – 5.22%

Game of Keno – 25% to 29%

Craps – 1.36% to 16.67%

Pai Gow – 1.50%

Roulette – 2.70% to 5.26%

Sic Bo – 2.78% to 33.33%

Video Poker – 0.36%

Slots – 1% to 10%

House Edge in Slot Games – How Does it Work?

Slot games are popular at the best Philippines online casinos. They offer immersive gameplay, and the payouts are quite appealing. Additionally, they are often packed with lucrative bonus features to boost winnings.

What many people fail to understand in slot games is that the casino edge is unfavorable to players. The house edge of most slot machines ranges between 2% and 10%. Live casino slots have the worst edge of up to 20%, meaning the player will benefit 80% from all wagers.

Tips and Secrets to Minimize the House Edge in Casino Games

The fact is that minimizing the house edge of casino games may not be easy as it seems. But you shouldn’t worry, as we have shared the best tips and tricks you can use to lower the casino game edge of various casino games.

  • Check the casino house edge before you start playing.
  • Create a reasonable strategy to lower the casino advantage.
  • Always take advantage of casino bonus offers.
  • Set realistic goals and play start with the minimum bets.
  • Play real money games with the best odds.

The Bottom Line

If you are venturing into real money casino gambling, understanding how the casino game edge works are significant to your success. This information will help you know if the game you want to play is profitable or not. Also, you need to know how to calculate the house advantage in different casino games. Nevertheless, the percentage of each game will depend on the developer. Also, the RTP of the game is not the actual payout you gate. The final payout may be affected by different factors, including the wagering requirements.


The best casino games you can enjoy at the lowest house edge are video poker machines, baccarat, and blackjack.

No, you can’t change the house edge of a casino game, but you can use a strategy to increase the chances of winning.

Unlike many casino games, you play against other players in poker. This means that the game doesn't have a house edge.

No, the house edge is not the same; it varies depending on the casino.

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