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Accuracy of content

Even though we try our best to provide the most account information, our site or terms of service page may contain errors or mistakes. However, we provide no guarantees or warranty on the accuracy of the content provided on our website. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for the accuracy or omissions of the content or information published on our website.

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Customer responsibility

We are not responsible for any issues that may arise between users and an online casino or betting site. It’s the responsibility of the user to conduct further research on the casino operator and practice responsible gambling. Users are also responsible for how they use the information they find on this site.

No tips, bonuses, or methods are full proof

Our site covers a lot of content in the form of tips, methods, and bonuses. However, none of them guarantee a 100% chance of success. They are only meant to boost your winning chances.

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Our site contains hyperlinks that lead you to websites of similar content. We provide these links for reference, and we’re not responsible for information provided on third-party sites. If you choose to visit any third-party sites linked to our site, you do it at your own risk.

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Every piece of content is provided on online-casinos.ph belongs to us. By content, we refer to all the information, including blogs, news graphics, images, tips, services, etc. You are prohibited from copying or distributing any information contained on this website.

However, you can make only one copy of the content for personal use. You’re permitted to make a single copy as long as you don’t change or omit any content on the whole page. Storing or transmitting information contained on this site is hereby prohibited apart from the ways listed above.

This means you’re not allowed to sell, auction, or transfer to online chat rooms, message boards, online forums, and blogs without our permission. We reserve the trademark, trade name, registration, trade name, and all property rights to the content on this site.

Legal gambling age

We strongly recommend that you stay up to date with the gambling laws in your country, which in the Philippines is 21, to avoid legal issues. This includes ensuring you are of the required legal age for gambling. It’s your responsibility to get the necessary knowledge regarding the legal gambling age in your city, state, or country. We have nothing to do with it.


We value the privacy of our visitors. For this reason, we do not share or distribute your personal details or information with third parties. We have put in place the necessary security measures to ensure your data is safe and secure. We may use the information you provide as stipulated in our Privacy Policy.

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As you already know, gambling is a game of chance. You may win or lose, depending on your experience or luck. We do not provide any guarantees and/or warranty any success. As such, we are not responsible for monetary losses or damages you may experience in your interaction or dealings with third-party sites.

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