Keno – Everything You Need to Know

Read this post to learn everything you need to know about Keno, from the game’s history, glossary, gameplay, and strategies to boost winning chances.

Keno is one of the most popular casino games. The game was invented in China, but it’s now played worldwide. You can also find this game in many online casinos in the Philippines. Keno is a game of chance and offers a great opportunity to win large amounts of money from small stakes. It’s one of the easiest casino games to learn and play, which makes it a great choice for novice players. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Keno, from gameplay, glossary, and strategies to increase your winning chances.

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History of Keno

It is believed Keno to have been invented in China about 2000 years ago by the famous general Cheung Leung. The game was created with the goal of raising funds for the ongoing battles against the barbarian who wanted to invade his kingdom. The general wanted to build a huge wall to protect his kingdom from the barbarians. At the time, people were not wealthy and could not pay more levies.

The general decided to create a game that had 120 characters, and players were required to select a group of characters. As it is with today’s game, the general chose characters randomly to come up with a winning combination. The winning characters were delivered to villages using carrier birds. People called the game “the white pigeon game”.

The game became very popular in the kingdom, and the general made a lot of money, which was used to build the Great Wall of China. In 1850, the game was taken to North America by Chinese rail workers. Although it was illegal to play the game at that time, it became very popular, especially in San Francisco.

It was later named the Chinese lottery, and its popularity increased even further when the characters were replaced with numbers. It was later brought to Los Angeles when gambling was legalized in Nevada. In Nevada, the game was changed a bit to create what’s today known as Keno.


How to play Keno

Keno is a pretty simple game to learn and play. The objective of the game is to guess numbers that will be drawn from 80 digits. Winnings are calculated based on correctly predicted numbers against the total possible numbers. However, this will vary depending on the version of Keno you’re playing.

Online Keno has an interface that looks more like that of a slot machine. In online Keno, numbers are drawn randomly by a virtual machine called a hopper. Selecting the numbers is pretty straightforward. You simply need to click on numbers and click on the “draw” button.

Choosing numbers

You can pick keno numbers in two ways. One is select the numbers manually. Secondly, use the automated button to prompt the machine to select the numbers for you. The number of keno spots you can pick vary from one keno variant to another. However, the standard poker game requires you to select numbers from 4 – 10 out of a possible 80.

A paytable is usually presented on the screen as you make your selection. It will show how much you will win if you successfully match certain spots. You may also find variants of Keno that have hot and cold numbers, with ‘hot’ representing numbers that appear more often and ‘cold’ refers to those that are drawn less frequently. The more numbers you match, the higher the payout.

Drawing numbers

Once you start the draw, the game moves pretty fast. You’re only required to select your numbers and click the button to start the software. The button can be labeled “Start” or “Play”, depending on the casino you choose. Once you’ve pressed the button, the automated system will choose random digits. At this point, you only need to sit back and wait for your winnings. Some Keno games have an option for side bets, which are usually placed before the draw starts.

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Keno lingo

To play and win a game of Keno, you have to learn its terminologies. Here are some of the most common terms you should know.

Aggregate limit – Refers to the maximum limit of payouts in a single round

Bankroll – Amount of money set aside from gambling

Balls – White, numbered balls used in the game

Caller – An employee of the casino who announces the numbers selected in a draw.

Flashboard – An electronic board showing all the winning numbers

King ticket – A keno ticket with one or more kings circled.

Paytable – Highlights what players will receive on certain bets

Split ticket – A type of bet where at least two groups of numbers are played on a single ticket

Ticket – A keno ticket with 80 numbers marked on it

Way ticket – A ticket where a player has more than one active bet

Tips and strategies for Keno

Keno is a game of luck, but you can apply a few strategies to increase your winning chances. Below, we take a look at the different strategies for playing online Keno.

Manage your bankroll – One of the main aspects of responsible gambling is learning how to manage your bankroll. The rule of thumb is not to wager within your budget limits. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly budgets and stick to them.

Don’t pick many numbers – Consider picking 5 to 6 consecutive numbers. This is the best way to increase your winning chances.

Understand odds – Although Keno is a simple game, its odds are not the best. So, you may also want to focus on small payouts rather than big wins.

Try hot numbers – Numbers that hit the most can increase your chances of getting frequent but small payouts.

Try cold numbers – You can also try your luck on numbers that have been drawn less frequently to see if you can land big payouts.

Play free versions of Keno – Most online casinos offer the free version of Keno. You can play it to hone your skills and know what to expect when playing at a real money casino.

Play at a licensed casino – Before playing Keno online, you need to find an online casino. However, not all casinos are the same. There are rogue casinos that have been blacklisted. Be sure to play at a casino that is reputable and holds a license from a recognized body. You can always check our online casino’s review page, to find the one best suited for you.


Tips for playing Keno online

The advent of the internet has made it possible for gambling enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite casino games from any location as long as they have access to the internet. However, the biggest challenge is finding an excellent Philippines online casino. Let’s take a closer look at things you need to consider when selecting an online casino.


All online casinos are required to acquire a license from the regulatory body of the region they are operating in. However, there are globally known jurisdictions like UK Gambling Authority, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, and others. So, it’s important to ensure the casino you choose has been licensed by a reputable body.

Games selection

A good online casino should have a wide selection of casino games to cater to different tastes. Some popular games include blackjack, roulette, slots, pokers, and others. You may also find other less popular categories.

Software providers

The best online casinos list games from leading software providers like Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and others. These providers will ensure you get high-quality and fair games.

Bonuses and promotions

Virtually all online casinos offer bonuses and promotions. However, ensure you check the wagering requirements and terms and conditions before claiming any bonus. Both new and experienced players can take advantage of these incentives.

Payment methods

Choose a casino that supports a wide range of payment methods. You should be able to deposit or withdraw funds from your casino account using a payment method available in your region. Examples of payment methods include credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

Fair terms and conditions

A good online casino should also have fair terms and conditions. If you feel the terms and conditions are unreasonable, move to the next casino. In addition, check the privacy page to see measures the casino has put in place to protect your information.

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Keno is not only one of the most popular casino games but also easy to play. You can play this game in almost all casinos in the Philippines. Being a game of chance, you don’t necessarily have to learn any skills or strategies to win. This is what makes the games a good option for both beginners and experienced players. Once you’ve learned how to play the game, you simply need to find a good online casino, and you’re good to go.


Playing Keno is quite simple. The more numbers you match, the bigger the payout

Absolutely! You can play Keno on your mobile phone. However, not all online casinos support mobile Keno.

Players looking for winning combinations in Keno usually choose fairly spaced numbers. However, every number, from 1 to 80, is likely to appear.

Yes, it's safe to play Keno online. You only need to choose a reputable and licensed online casino.

Absolutely! While there’s no sure way to win, you can indeed boost your winning chances by employing strategy.

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