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Lots of fun online casino games are available in the Philippines. Read our guide to learn more about your options and how to choose smart.

If you’ve ever visited an online casino in the Philippines you’d know there’s an abundance of casino games to choose from. But the different options can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t know much about gambling. While some games are all about luck, others require skills and strategy to win the big cash prize. So, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice. Moreover, by the end you’ll know about the most popular games and also how to choose the best gaming destination.

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Basics First

The average real money casino in the Philippines has hundreds of casino games available to players. Actually, the most competitive operators will offer thousands of options. Of course, all games are designed to be fun and engaging. Moreover, they all offer an opportunity to walk away with big cash although the odds are always against you. However, the rules can vary widely across the different casino game types. Some of them require no skill at all and as long as you’re lucky you can win. On the other hand, there are also games that entail strategy and decent skills.

Online Casino Games

Types of Casino Games

Most online casinos sort their games into a number of type-based categories such as:

  • Slots
  • Table Games
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Video Poker
  • Scratch Cards and lottery games
  • Bingo

Obviously, there are quite a few different types of games available at online casinos. They work in different ways, but they all involve you placing a bet and getting cash if you win. For games of chance, once you place your bet, there’s nothing more you can do. But skill-based games require you to make decisions that can influence the outcome and determine whether you win or not.

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Popular Casino Games in the Philippines

There are many different types of games out there on the market but some are more popular than others. In the Philippines, players tend to choose:


Spin the reels and get enough matching symbols lined up on a payline to win – it’s that simple. Many online slots come with special features, such as wild symbols, free spins, bonus rounds, expanding symbols, and more. Slots come in all sorts of themes, too, from classic fruit ones to pop culture-inspired themes.


One of the most popular card games of all time is blackjack. It’s super easy to learn – the objective is to beat the dealer to 21 but without going over it yourself. Many Filipino players love this game because it’s both fun and offers huge potential rewards.


Everybody knows about roulette – it’s one of the most famous games and it comes in so many variations. While European roulette wheels have 37 pockets, it’s 38 for American roulette, hence the slightly lower chances of winning. But either way, this is the ultimate game of chance, for those who want to test their luck.


Just like blackjack, baccarat is a popular card game but there’s no decision-making involved. Two hands (the bankers and the players) try to get as close to 9 as possible. You can bet on the banker’s or the player’s hand to win, or bet on a tie.


Actually, poker is a broad family of games, with rather different rules. While some you can play solo, other games are multiplayer. But in all types of poker games, your aim is to form the highest-ranking poker hand possible using your own cards. However, in some games, you can also use shared community cards.


When it comes to dice games, craps is the go-to choice for many Filipino players. Essentially, you’re betting on the outcome of a roll of two dice. Moreover, each round can have numerous rolls and there are quite a few different bets you can place.

Sic Bo

Besides craps, another popular dice game amongst Filipinos is Sic Bo. But this game is a lot simpler because it only involves a single roll per round. There are three dice in use and, of course, there are multiple different outcomes you can bet on.

Video Poker

If you know how to play poker already, you’ll certainly enjoy video poker, too. It’s a fusion of classic poker and slots, so it involves more luck than skill. You’ll get five cards at random and you can replace any number of them. But by the end, you should have the best poker hand to win.

Scratch Cards

Simple games are often more fun because you don’t really have to do much. For instance, scratch cards are many players’ favorite – all you have to do is scratch to reveal the symbols. If enough of them match you will win a prize and that’s all there is to it. Plus, scratch cards come in many different themes.


There are several versions of bingo you could play and the number of balls is different for each. But whatever the variant, bingo is always about what balls make it out of the cage. Once drawn, you mark the numbers on your card(s) and the point is to complete rows or patterns to win. So, super easy and all about luck.

Other Games

Sometimes the classics can get boring if you play the same games over and over. Fortunately, there is a way out – just explore the less common titles. For instance, you can try keno, different lotteries, or less known variants of the classics like Pai Gow Poker.

Types of Casino Games

Software Providers

There are more than 400 software providers on the market that create games for online casinos. At a typical casino, there are games by a few dozen or so providers. Usually, most of them can be trusted to offer fair games. But if you’re signing up for a new online casino, it’s a good idea to check which providers partner with the operator. Ideally, a casino should have games by at least a few reputable names. Of course, smaller, newer companies can create good-quality games, too. However, you’re more likely to have a great gaming experience if you stick with one of the better-known providers instead.

So, we advise you to choose games from an established casino game provider with a solid reputation online. What makes games by leading providers a good choice is that they offer immersive, detailed graphics, and exciting features. In addition, you can rely on that the results will be unbiased and truly random. Basically, well-known providers are popular for a reason so you know you’re going to be getting a good-quality gaming experience. For a safe bet, try some of the leading game providers in the online gambling industry: Microgaming, Play’n Go, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Playtech, 1x2Gaming, Wazdan Evolution Gaming, IGT, and many more.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Most online casinos nowadays offer live dealer games. These are real-time games that you can take part in no matter where you may be. Usually, live casino games take place in TV studios or even regular venues where real dealers facilitate the game. So, to participate you watch through a live stream/broadcast and place your bets. Basically, instead of software, the croupier runs the game and you can interact with them and other players.

Moreover, virtually all popular casino table games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker are available live. However, you can also find some live games that are unique and not a reiteration of old classics. For example, there are live originals like Dream Catcher and even games based on popular IPs, including Monopoly Live.

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House Edge Explained

All online casino games have a house edge. This is a figure that’s expressed as a percentage and it shows roughly how much the casino’s advantage is. Basically, on each bet you make the operator gets to keep a percentage and that’s the house edge. So, the lower the house edge is, the less money you’re likely to lose over long-term play. So if you’re serious about trying to make money from online casino games, stick to games with a low edge.

On the other hand, the RTP can also guide your decision of what game to play. This is a figure that shows how much of an average bet you’re likely to keep. Of course, the higher the RTP percentage is, the better. Moreover, the RTP and house edge always add up to 100%. For example, if a slot’s RTP is 96%, then the house edge will be 4%.

Mobile Gaming

Most online casino games nowadays are mobile-friendly for those who are constantly on the go. There are two ways to gamble from your mobile device: through standard browsers or via applications. Either way, the experience is worth it. Moreover, often casinos will offer more choices to mobile users, not to mention the extra bonuses. In addition, mobile casino games can be much more fun because of the unique themes.

Playing for Free vs Real Money Gaming

Fortunately for many, most online casinos let you play games for free once you’ve signed up. It’s a great way to sample games, get used to how they work, and perfect strategies risk-free. Of course, you can also use free mode to have fun and not worry about your wallet.

However, playing for free means you don’t get to actually win anything. So, for a real chance to win money and make a profit you should opt for real money gaming. Although the odds are against you, if cash is what you’re after then you’d have to make an investment.

But on the bright side, there are plenty of games out there that will allow you to wager very little. Especially for the budget-conscious, this is excellent news. There is no guarantee that you’ll win but there’s nothing quite like taking a risk and watching it pay off.

Mobile Casino Games

Why Play Online Casino Games

Playing online casino games comes with plenty of perks but most notably:

  • Play for free – Most online casinos let you play for free once you’ve registered. You get to practice and try out games without spending any money at all.
  • Play wherever you like – Thanks to mobile technology, you’re able to play casino games no matter where you are.
  • Win actual money – When playing games for real money, you have the chance to win money and can potentially make a profit.
  • Claim bonuses – Online casinos offer a range of bonuses and promotions, such as bonus money and free spins to boost your bankroll.
  • Fun and entertainment – Casino games are designed to be engaging, immersive, and enjoyable. Even if you don’t win when playing casino games, you can still have a great time playing them.
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Choosing the Right Game

There are literally thousands of online casino games you can play in the Philippines. When looking for the right one for you, there are some factors you should take into account:

  • House edge / RTP – Some games have a better average payout rate than others, house edge or also known as house advantage, is a very important factor, in most games, it’s fixed and can’t be changed, but in some games, depending on your skills you can reduce the house edge and get an advantage.
  • The maximum win – Most games at online casinos have a cap on how much can be won; this limit can vary greatly from one game to the next or from casino to casino.
  • Are any decisions required? – Games like roulette or slots are based on luck alone. But blackjack, poker, and the like require you to make decisions that can affect the outcome. You can implement some strategies, to increase your chances to win.
  • Is the game fun? – See whether the gameplay is basic and straightforward, or whether it has special features that make it more interesting to play. Remember, it’s not only about winning money, but it is also a form of entertainment, so try to pick the games which you enjoy playing.
  • Themed games – Slots come in a wide range of themes. Some other games, such as scratchcards and live dealer games, can also be themed. Play games whose theme and design appeal to you.
  • Read game guides – If you’re really stuck, it can be helpful to read guides, and reviews and see which games reviewers and players rate well. If other people have good things to say about a game, you too might like it. 
  • Check out popular games – Just about every online casino has a category where the most popular games are listed. Check out some of these games if you’re struggling to decide what to play – if a game’s popularity, it must be good in some way.

Ready to Explore

The world of online casino games is fun, exciting, and constantly growing. Fortunately, online gambling in the Philippines is easier than ever thanks to mobile-friendly platforms. So if you’d like to play some casino games for real money, you’re free to do so whenever you like. But besides choosing the right game for an optimal chance to win, the gaming destination also matters. Check our casino reviews to discover the best competitors on the market quickly and save yourself some time.


Yes, you can. Just about every online casino lets you play for free once you’ve signed up and created an account.

Casino games are indeed fair. They’re designed to be unbiased and to give everyone the same chances of winning. They use random number generators to ensure all outcomes are completely randomized.

Slots are the most popular games you’ll find at online casinos worldwide. Most casinos have at least a few hundred of them, if not more.

Playing at online casinos is safe, so long as the casino you’re at is licensed. As a general rule, you should avoid casinos that don’t have licenses.

Yes, you can. Casinos have mobile-friendly sites that can be accessed on phones and tablets. Some of them also have apps that can be downloaded.

Blackjack and video poker are games that are known for having particularly high payout rates.

There’s no single, best for all, online gaming destination - it’s down to personal preference. The best casino for you is one that suits your needs and gives you the sort of gambling experience you’re after.

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