Responsible Gambling

Are you looking to overcome your gambling addiction? Read this post for a detailed guide on responsible gambling and controlling addiction.

While gambling is a great pastime activity and can be a chance to win huge amounts of cash, it can sometimes get out of control and cause devastating effects on the victims. If you’re not a responsible gambler, you’re like to experience gambling addiction, stress, and poor money management. 

Many people in the Philippines and around the world are struggling with gambling addiction. This post will help you to identify common signs of gambling addiction, free yourself from the shackles of problem gambling, and enjoy your gambling experience, and top online casinos always offer assistance to their members to help them avoid addiction. So, if you’re dealing with gambling addiction or you know of a family member or friend whose gambling activities are getting out of hand, this information will help.

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Difference between responsible gambling and problem gambling

Since the online gambling industry emerged, the problem of gambling increased exponentially and become a worldwide concern. There are a few things that tell whether you’re a responsible gambler or a compulsive gambler. These telltale signs include poor money management, gambling more than you can afford to lose, and using credit cards to fund your out-of-control gambling habits. In addition, gambling for profit instead of fun is a sign of gambling addiction. 

Responsible gambling is being in control of the amount of time and money you spend on gambling. However, responsible gambling doesn’t involve the players alone. It also includes real money online casinos, software developers, and the entire gambling industry. 

There are many gambling myths that can cause gambling addiction. Here are the most common gambling myths you should know:

  • If you play a bit longer after losing, you will win back your losses
  • Betting systems and strategies can help you beat the house edge 
  • Using the club’s loyalty card reduces your winning chances
  • Gambling experience will give you an edge 
  • Skill is needed to win casino games
Responsible gambling

Warning signs of gambling addiction 

If you don’t know whether you’re addicted to gambling or not, here are signs you need to watch out for:

Chasing your losses – This is an obvious one. Wagering more to recoup your losses will only lead to further losses. 

Stress and anxiety  – Problem gambling affects your mental well-being. People with gambling addiction often experience anxiety. 

Money management mistakes  – Taking loans, borrowing money from friends, and selling assets to gamble are all signs of gambling addiction. 

Spending a significant amount of time and money gambling  – Another obvious sign of gambling addiction spending a lot of time and money wagering on casino games or betting on sports. 

Increasing your bet sizes  – If you often get the urge to increase your bet size when gambling, then you’re a gambling addict.

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Denial is one of the main problems 

Most of the time, people who are addicted to gambling won’t admit they have a problem. Denial is one of the coping mechanisms adopted by gambling addicts. Many people tend to avoid the problem because of emotional conflict, anxiety, and stress, which can be overwhelming. 

Unfortunately, this path can only worsen the situation. It makes the addicts more vulnerable, often finding themselves in situations where they have no control over their gambling habits. If you know the consequences of gambling addiction and constantly ignore them, you may be in denial. You need to admit the problem to find solutions that will help you solve it.

How to control your gambling addiction 

To control your gambling addiction, you either need to stop gambling or reduce the number of times you gamble. This means a change of behavior. Here are a few things you can do to control your gambling problem:

Distract your mind  – Sometimes it helps to distract yourself when you feel the urge to gamble. You may also want to limit your access to cash.

Take note of triggers – Identify triggers and try to avoid them as much as you can. For example, you can stay away from friends who gamble or use the other route that doesn’t pass by the casino. 

Postpone the decision to gamble – Delaying the urge to gamble will reduce the desire to gamble, giving you more control of your gambling habits.

Seek help  – If none of the solutions mentioned above work for you, consider getting help from an expert.

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Easy tips for responsible gambling

Practicing responsible gambling is important for both beginners and experienced gamblers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Gamble for fun, not for profit, remember that it is a type of entertainment and not the way to increase your income
  • Treat losses as the cost of having fun, so refrain from chasing them 
  • Set a limit to the amount of time and money you spend on gambling
  • Avoid using your credit card for gambling 
  • Keep your expectations low to avoid disappointments 
  • Only gamble when you’re in the right mindset 
  • Don’t use gambling as means of relieving stress or depression
  • Acknowledging you have a gambling problem will help you solve the problem

Useful resources for gambling addiction

You can find help or information related to gambling addiction in many places, including:

Gamblers Anonymous 

Gamblers Anonymous offers a platform for people who are gambling addicts to share their experiences. To join, you only need to desire to quit gambling. 


The goal of GambleAware is to raise awareness to keep you safe. The charity provides information that helps you to make the right decision. They explain the risks and guide you on what to do if you’re already an addict.


GamCare offers support and advice to gambling addicts. They also provide practical solutions like blocking software, self-exclusion, and money management.

Gambling Therapy 

Gambling Therapy provides advice and emotional support for issues related to gambling. They have experienced counselors and psychologists who offer solutions. 


Responsible gambling protects you from becoming a gambling addict. Although it’s the responsibility of every stakeholder to ensure responsible gambling, and the best Philippines online casinos offer help and useful assistance to those in need, gamblers have to be more proactive because they are the ones who suffer. Identifying the warning signs in time and accepting you have a gambling problem will help you overcome the issues quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only gamble what you can afford to lose, gamble with a sober mind, and set a time limit.

Most online casinos have an option that allows self-exclusion from their activities. In addition, the best online casinos have useful resources to help gambling addicts.

The best way is to seek help. You can also use gambling blocking software.

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