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Live casino platforms are convenient, fun, and feel just like gambling at a real venue. Learn how to pick the right one in this full guide.

Most players love the comfort of gambling online, be it from a desktop computer or mobile device. But at the same time, you might miss the thrill of the real casino experience. Fortunately, there is a solution and it comes in the shape of live dealer games. Actually, most online casinos in the Philippines have a live casino option nowadays because players actively seek it.

Besides playing against a real dealer and not software, at a live casino, you can also interact with other players. Moreover, sometimes you can claim special bonuses just for playing in the live section. Not only is it much more exciting this way but you can play pretty much any game you could think of. But before we walk you through your options in this guide, we’ll start from the beginning.

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From Regular Venues to Live Casino Gaming

Online casino gaming came into the picture not that long ago – it’s been just a few decades. So it’s no surprise that live casino options only became popular recently. The first online casinos on the market emerged sometime in 2010 and online gambling changed completely since. Before that, all online casino games were software-based. So, essentially, players were playing against computers and some found those games to be lacking in experience. Moreover, some players don’t feel that software-based games are truly games of chance since a computer determines when you win.

Of course, not everyone likes software-based games for this reason and because it’s simply not the same. Hence why the arrival of the live casino format was an instant hit. Especially those who were skeptical about not having a real dealer could finally enjoy a game in an old-fashioned way. These days live dealer gaming is so popular that any real money casino that wants to stay afloat offers it. Furthermore, the platforms that do provide real-time services prioritize offering a decent range of games as well.

Live Casino Guide

How Does It Work?

Some might wonder how a live casino works and it’s actually not so complicated. Of course, the point is to create an atmosphere that’s as close as possible to the real casino experience. So, the events take place in real-time and involve real dealers and casino personnel. Moreover, the other players are also real people and you have the opportunity to interact with both during the game.

To ease the expected limitations associated with virtual platforms, there are live chat boxes. They enable players to interact with each other, the dealer, and other personnel that may be involved. In addition, the games are actually broadcasted live and that’s how you participate. Hence, the top online casino operators that offer this service invest heavily in state-of-the-art studios for this reason.

For instance, a live roulette game will have the dealer spin the board as it would be done offline. Occasionally, there is also an opportunity to watch a live casino game without actively participating. However, this is usually down to the casino company so you should check with your provider.

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Live Casino Software Providers

Although live casino games have real dealers, the software is still necessary to bring the game to your screen. To better understand, you can think about platforms such as Skype or Zoom. Both allow for video conferencing that you could use for various reasons. For instance, it could be a business meeting, teaching a course, and so on. Similarly, for live casinos to broadcast the game in real-time, accept bets, and pay winners they need software. Of course, the more reputable and well-established the brand, the more trustworthy and reliable its products are. So, if you see any of these leaders in the industry you can expect an excellent experience:

  • Net Entertainment
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Amaya Gaming
  • Williams Interactive
  • RTG
  • IGT

These are just some of the players in the industry and many more are out there. If/when you choose to play live casino games, it is very important that you play on a platform that uses a good software provider. This is because the gaming experience quality is very much dependent on them. For instance, connectivity speed and technological upgrades almost exclusively depend on the software provider.

Live Casino Games

Commonly Available Live Casino Games

Live dealer games have been around for just over a decade but so much has changed already. Nowadays, most online casino games are available live, too. Certainly, all of the classics have live dealer versions but there are some niche options, too. Here are the most commonly available live games in the Philippines, in no particular order:


One of the most popular card games of all time is blackjack. But not only is it fun, but it’s also super easy to play. The rules are simple across variants and the objective is to reach 21 before the dealer. However, if your hand’s value exceeds 21 then you lose. Live options for blackjack are available nearly everywhere.


If you love games of chance and want to try playing live then roulette might be the answer. It’s one of the most popular games across the board and it comes in many variants. Live casino versions will have a real dealer (the stickman) spinning the wheel rather than computer algorithms being in charge of this. The players also hear the rotation of the wheel and ball in real time and can make decisions on the move.


Online poker is always in high demand at real money casinos, so it’s no wonder live options are always available too. This casino classic requires a decent strategy to win and comes in many different variants. For instance, Texas Hold ‘Em is perhaps the most popular poker type. But of course, live versions of many other kinds of poker are also out there.


Baccarat certainly has its fair share of fans and it’s available at most online casinos nowadays. With live versions, players can view statistics as well as observe the proceeding from various angles all at once. Hence, they can have a swell time playing Speed Baccarat, Baccarat Squeeze, or even the game’s standard version.

Sic Bo

If you’re tired of the classics and feel like experimenting, live Sic Bo is a great choice. It’s a casino game that many love and it’s been around for literal centuries. Originally, the game comes from China where back in the day they used to play it with sticks and stones. But now Sic Bo is one of the most popular dice games.

Live vs RNG-Based Games

Although both software-based and live casino games require software to work, the user experience is quite different. In software-based games, the RNG does pretty much everything. RNG is short for Random Number Generator and it’s a piece of software that is behind just about any casino game. For instance, in a game of roulette, it is responsible for spinning the wheel and deciding the winners.

However, things are a lot different with live casinos. This is because real people facilitate the game, in real-time. The software providers just create a suitable platform for casino personnel and players to meet. Actually, this is the most significant difference: Live casino games happen in real-time while software-based games are pretty much automated. Also, live dealer games are almost never available for free, so that’s something to keep in mind.

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Live Casino On-the-Go

If you want to try out live dealer games but are always on your mobile device, the answer is still yes. Live casino games are so popular these days that mobile-friendly options are not even a question. From roulette and poker to baccarat and Sic Bo, there are most certainly at least a few choices for everyone. Of course, it depends on the casino but if yours is mobile-friendly and has a live section then you’re set. 

What Do You Need to Play a Live Casino Game?

To get the most out of your live casino gaming experience, there are a few things you will need. First, make sure you pick the right gaming destination that partners with a good software provider. This way, you can rely on a high-quality game and not worry about safety or fair results. In addition, you are gonna need a compatible device and a stable internet connection. So, check if your computer/phone has the necessary parameters to stream live games.

Bonuses and Promotions

The whole point of having virtual live casino games is to replicate the authentic atmosphere in physical (land-based) casinos. So since casino bonuses and promotions are available in physical and online casinos, live casinos offer them as well. Basically, you can enjoy the full range of offers including free spins, no-deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, reward multipliers, etc. Of course, you have to read the fine print and make sure that taking advantage of the bonuses is worthwhile.

Live Casinos in the Philippines

How to Pick the Right Live Casino

With so many platforms competing for your attention and business, choosing where to play can be overwhelming. There is no single, best for all casino but finding the right one for you is not rocket science. To make sure you’re at a good place, just follow this checklist:


No casino operator is legally allowed to operate without a license. However, platforms that offer live services need additional licensing, so make sure you do your homework. Otherwise, playing at a rogue casino can be dangerous for your data, funds, and overall safety.

Security of the Platform

Your security is of utmost importance while playing online and the right casino should guarantee you that. For instance, sensitive details such as your credit card number need to be safe from third parties. So before you sign up, check what measures the platform takes to protect your data.

Good Reputation

There is no better way to make sure a service provider can offer a safe, secure, and enjoyable gaming experience than checking their reputation online. Gamblers certainly appreciate good service and if not, online reviews will show. Steer clear from sites with poor reputations – it’s probably for a reason.


The better the software provider, the better the gaming experience. Yes, it’s as simple as that – the quality of the software plays a huge role in your gaming session. So, for best results go with a reputable brand.

Available Games

Live casino sites are improving every day and at some of the best ones, there’s just about any game under the sun. The technology is certainly there, so make sure your operator offers a decent selection of your favorite games in it.

Bonuses and Promotions

Just like at online casinos, live platforms offer a variety of bonuses and promotions, too. Whether it’s free cash or spins, there should be at least a couple of offers with friendly requirements available. So, before you sign up check out the offers and read the terms and conditions.

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Gaming at a Live Casino vs Regular Venues

One of the reasons why live casino platforms emerged in the first place was to replicate the land-based casino atmosphere. But of course, it’s not all exactly the same, and here is the comparison:

  • Venue. Land-based casinos offer their services only at their specific locations. But to play at a live casino you could be anywhere you like.
  • Formality. At land-based casinos, there are dress codes and working hours that visitors must abide by. On the other hand, a live casino has no such requirements at all.
  • Cost. Especially when you consider additional costs like accommodation, tips, and food and drink online live sites certainly are cheaper.
  • Convenience. Playing live casino games online is definitely more convenient – you can play from anywhere and at any time.

Time to Play

Live casino platforms bring you the thrill of gambling at a regular casino and merge it with the convenience of online gaming. It’s a perfect fusion between two worlds and you can play from just about anywhere. Not to mention, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to casino games as well so you’ll never be bored. But finding the right live casino can be time-consuming so to save some time, check out our reviews.


Yes, most live casinos are mobile-friendly so as long as your device is compatible you can play.

Yes, as long as the casino is licensed and takes all industry standard safety precautions.

Yes, if your casino offers such a feature.

Blackjack offers a slightly better winning chance than other options like roulette or poker.

Some of the things you should consider include the casino license, software service provider, bonuses, and the casino’s reputation.

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